Power. Confidence. Muscle mass.

How does Metadrol work?

METADROL is an important part of world-class training schemes, because it pushes the body to continuous perfection. By helping your muscles make the most out of each repetition, you let your training sessions perform at a higher level of performance. Using other supplements to increase muscle mass faster can cause stiffness and less elasticity.

Only METADROL contains laboratory-tested ingredients to protect muscle fibers, making you stronger and more flexible at the same time. Calibrating the body to minimize lactic acid and maximize muscle growth is the key to METADROL.

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Metadrol - train wisely!

Whether you are making pyramid sets in one session or preparing a workout schedule to improve your skills at the upcoming sporting event, you have to keep in mind that you have to spend the time to climb up the mountain. Clever training means taking a holistic approach. Proper nutrition, proper equipment and METADROL give you more strength to reach more.

Reducing the effect of lactic acid leads to a shorter and easier to master "burnout" after training. Providing your muscles with the right combination of amino acids, creatine, nitric oxide accelerators and catalytic proteins gives your body all the essential elements that a fitness diet requires.

METADROL significantly increases the natural ability of the body to recover from physical activity. Faster muscle repair process leads to increased workout intensity, increased muscle volume and improved workout frequency, giving you the advantage when it's time to compete.

Muscle mass

Muscle mass is the beginning to have a strong body. Every bodybuilder knows how important muscle mass is. METADROL maximizes your muscle mass and reduces "burning" to ensure you can achieve the desired results.


It's time for you to notice your strength. The exclusive Metadrol formula can give you a lot of energy to help you build an excellent body. All research and research carried out on Metadrol show an increase in muscle power through it. If you need more strength, you should try Metadrol.


Metadrol increases your confidence that your muscles will perform well when you need them.

Check out the results

The best way to see how well METADROL works is to see how it has helped people compete in their chosen sport. All the time we receive emails with the success story of METADROLL, once you try it out and see the results, send us your success story so we can share it with the world!

T. Hollis – Gary, Indiana

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I've always been in pretty good shape, but I broke my knee and did not want to be one of those guys who are excluded from active life. METADROL was an amazing part of my recovery plan and after a few weeks of adding it I noticed a big difference. The muscle mass improved, and my weight began to return, but without the overweight or bloating feeling I experienced in the past with other supplements. Without a doubt, METADROL is the best product on the market.

T. Kelly – Boston, Massachusetts

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For me, this exercise was meant to have a carved figure. Then I was hired as a firefighter and since then my body has become the most important tool of my work, I started to take care of it better. People rely on me and I have to show no matter what the heat, smoke, etc. METADROL helps me to be sure that I will be able to cope with the challenges I face at work ... or in the gym.

J.T Pena – Oahu, Hawaii

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For a long time I was a bodybuilder. I spent so many hours in the gym to get the best results but always stopped me. I was good but not enough to take part in the competition. METADROL made a big difference in my life. He helped me become stronger, which was equivalent to getting better results in competitions. I recommend to everyone except the guys I compete with because I like to have that extra advantage.

Functional strength

Many guys in the gym can practice. But you know that the secret of perfect body is performance and ability to practice more with more repetition.

METADROL provides your muscle with a combination of essential nutrients and catalysts to reduce lactic acid accumulation. The result is increased durability, significant improvements in functional strength, unprecedented flexibility and increased regeneration rates. If you want a stronger body, METADROL can help you reach your full potential. This is possible thanks to the unique formula HG X-3 [2-Hydroxy-3-methoxy-0H2], which results in significant anabolic activity. After training you want to know that you are improving your body and figure.

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You buy three packages of METADROL and the next three you get for free. All in all, you have 360 capsules for a 24-week cycle, and you only pay $ 177. Price includes shipping.

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